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Viral Mail Profits Automation

From: Solomon Huey

The Money Is In the List? What If Someone GAVE You A List!

You could be mailing a huge list of interested prospects with your offers in minutes! All the experts say, "The money is in the list." But it's not that easy to build one.

At Elite Safelist, we give you the chance to succeed by having access to our entire membership base. With our unique system, members will be scrambling to see your offers!

Elite Safelist is designed to help Advertise Websites, Internet Businesses, Business Opportunities, and similar programs to help both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs reach a broader audience for FREE!

Safelist members agree to receive advertising e-mails from other members, and in exchange you can share your offers with others. This is a huge benefit to you, because now you have access to an extensive list of prospects who are double opt-in members.

Why Is Elite Safelist So Effective?

With traditional safelists, there was never an incentive to read messages sent by other members. People would send their own ads, but no one was reading them! Elite Safelist has turned the entire system upside down to create a high converting, responsive mailing list where members will be anxiously waiting to read your messages.

Elite Safelist operates on a credit-based safelist system, where you use credits to send ads to members. If you have 1000 credits, you can send your e-mail to 1000 people. To earn credits, members read e-mails sent from other members.

That means when you send your messages, people will be excited to read your e-mails and earn credits. And you can start just by joining for free and confirming your membership right now!

Member Testimonial

"Good Results And Cool Commissions"
Tons of bonuses, promotions and contests - good results and cool commissions. Am I happy? You bet! Thanks Solomon.

Paul Kinder

Member Testimonial

"Saw Oustanding Reviews!"
I found Elite safelist on the internet and saw outstanding reviews provided by current customers. I decided to signup I am happy I made the decision to join. Elite safelist gives me more exposure to my website.

Happy To Be A Member,
Syreeta Bolton

Member Testimonial

"Online For Over 15 YEARS And Use Elite Safelist"
I have been marketing online for over 15 years and use Elite Safelist as part of my marketing system.

Steve Man,

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See Some of the Amazing Features at Elite Safelist:
  • Free, responsive credit based safelist advertising.
  • Enjoy a credit-based mailer system that ensures your ads are being read.
  • You Choose the websites that you want members to see.
  • A Free Banner Ad System to give your business additional exposure.
  • A Free Text Ad System to give your business even more exposure.
  • Show Ads in HTML Format to include graphics, colors, and fonts and make your ads stand out from the crowd. (For Paid Members)
  • Advanced tools to help you manage your ads and e-mails.
  • Earn Cash and Credits with our generous affiliate program on commissions, upgrades, and credit sales just for telling people about Elite Safelist. Earn up to 50% on upgrades and 50% on credit sales! (Varies Based On Membership Level)
  • Great promotional tools to help you promote Elite Safelist and earn more.
  • Guaranteed visitors to your websites because in order to receive credits, members must view your website and stay there for at least 15 seconds.
  • E-mail to active members with our advanced bounce system designed to ensure all members are active and able to receive your messages.
  • Purchase Solo Advertisements sent to all members' contact e-mails. It gives superior results due to increased visibility and huge credit incentives for reading.
  • Earn tons of extra credits for reading e-mails and staying active.
  • And Much More!
Member Testimonial

"Gives You A Lot In Return!"
EliteSafelist is a great way of getting to promote my websites, getting more followers and referrals. I really recommend you to use this safelist as it gives you alot in return.

Best greetings from me here in Norway, Europe.

Elise Marie Myrvang Eikeland

Member Testimonial

"The Night My Ad Ran I Had 4 People Respond. The Next Day I Got My First Signup!"
I'm new to the world of safelists and Elite Safelist is the first I joined. I was only a member a few days when I ran my first Solo Ad campaign. The cost was a whopping $5.00 The night my ad ran I had 4 people respond. The next day I got my first signup! Another is considering joining. I think that's a great response for my first attempt!

Ruth Sharp
After Sending a Solo Ad to Only 357 Members Right After Launch Day!

Member Testimonial

"Such A Responsive List!"
EliteSafelist is a great Safelist which is Free to join and very effective. Traffic Return uses it daily and we have seen such great results upgrading. Such a responsive list!

Jesse Grant

Great Member Benefits

All Free Members Receive
Credit Mailer Use YES
Saved Messages Allowed YES
Banner Ads YES
Text Ads YES
Commissions on Upgrades YES!
Membership Cost FREE!

You know how important and expensive advertising is. Now you can advertise and get results without the high cost. Sign up today and join many others who are enjoying the power-house of a FREE Safelist like Elite Safelist. Start at any membership level and you can enjoy better website traffic and sales. Once you see the effectiveness of Elite Safelist, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Member Testimonial

"This Program Is Awesome!!"
EliteSafelist is the first safelist that I have used. Even with being completely new to the safelist scene, I am easily able to navigate EliteSafelist. And the best part? EliteSafelist is getting me results. This program is awesome!

Scott Martin

Member Testimonial

"Always Get Good Results!"
Greetings Fellow Marketers,

I've been using Solomon's ESL for many years. Always get good results when I send an email out.

I'm also impressed with the ability we have to send SOLO Ads out to the whole list for such a bargain price.

I LOVE Safelists. And Solomon has a few of them. Very easy to use features in our Back Office sections.

Thanks Solomon.

Blessings, Always,
Dazzling Dolly Lutz

Member Testimonial

"Solomon Really Goes The Extra Mile To Help His Customers!"
The support team at Elite safelist are helpful and friendly. Solomon really goes the extra mile to help his customers. Great job guys!

Mano Rame

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